Why France’s Reasoning Via The Nordic Model Makes All The Difference

As I intend to write more on this later, I wanted to leave this article here in the meantime. This success is a time for celebration not just for a policy that will make the world a better and more equitable place for all women, but the sound and important reasoning behind it, is what allows the chance of global change in the right direction.

I could not be prouder of France and all those who worked so hard to debunk myths, as well as care for women as a whole over zeroing in on the few.

Here is the article, thanks to The Huffington Post.





“On April 6, 2016, France adopted a new law in the country’s fight against prostitution, inspired by the so-called “Nordic Model” — a model which seems to be frequently condemned, little understood and often mocked. We would, therefore, like to help clarify the ins and outs of this new law for you.

The French parliament, with its representatives elected directly through universal suffrage, had spent several years in parliamentary inquiry committees (the reportsof which we invite you to read) and hearings in which all parties involved. This new law will place France in line both with its international commitments, and more importantly, in our opinion, with the 1981 law penalizing rape. In the 1981 law, rape is defined as “an act of sexual penetration, of any nature, committed upon the other person, with violence, coercion, threat or surprise.” The National Assembly has come to the decision that sexual intercourse for money is, by its nature, an act of coercion. It is therefore suggested that prostitution constitutes violence, and that it makes sense for the culprit of these imposed sexual relations — the client — to be penalized.

This law, which was proposed by a socialist MP, reinforces the fight against prostitution. Under the law, the client would be fined. This law shows that parliament has listened to the voices of prostitutes who have testified to being victims of mental and physical trauma as a result of encountering multiple unwanted sexual penetrations per day. Such mental and physical traumas are now well-documented in trauma studies.

Common sense assumes that prostitution would be a harmless activity between consenting adults, when in fact, the opposite is true.

Parliament has recognized that people — very often minors — turn to prostitution based on their lack of choices or alternatives. A large number of them are also under direct pressure from a pimp or trafficking network.

Common sense assumes that prostitution would be a harmless activity between consenting adults, when in fact, the opposite is true. Poverty, marginalization and violence are growing amongst these young women who are looking to sell their bodies. Our elected officials have justly identified that the law that will prevail is not one that legalizes selling yourself, but a law that ensures that you would never be reduced to such a level in the first place.

Other members of parliament considered that the presence of money is irrefutable proof of the lack of free will of one of the parties involved. “Prostitution is, in reality, very simple. It’s sex between two people — between one person who wants it and one person who doesn’t. And since the desire is absent, payment is there to replace it,” they said.

This law stands for nothing less than to say that women are not goods to be sold or rented. In other words, it’s all about human dignity.

These sex workers aren’t in too much of a hurry to satisfy each and every one of their clients’ desires. They are often offered up by pimps and human traffickers who offer the desired goods — who cannot say no — to the clients. Parliamentarians have seen the documented failure of attempts at regulating the sex trade. In fact, in countries where prostitution has been legalized and where pimps are considered to be ordinary entrepreneurs, female trafficking has exploded. Examples include Germany, Australia, Spain and the Netherlands. And for good reason: Once the demand has been normalized, nothing can stand in the way of the growth of the “market.” The MPs have felt that we must not regulate the crime — just as one does not regulate murder or slavery. We must give ourselves the means to fight it, even if we know that it will take some time to make the phenomenon disappear altogether. The criminalization of rape doesn’t always stop rapists, unfortunately, but it allows the victims to be compensated.

The legislature has therefore taken into account the outrageous human and financial cost of prostitution, and has decided to combat it with the only viable method, which has been tried and tested since 1999: the “Swedish” or “Nordic Method.” This method has succeeded at cutting back sexual exploitation everywhere it has been implemented. Swedish lawmakers have realized that the purchasers are both the source and a requirement for the prostitution system. The pimp really only exists to supply a demand. Without clients to purchase the prostitutes, there is no market, and therefore no need for pimping nor for human trafficking. It is unusual, therefore, for the pimps to be the only party penalized, as they are only second in the order of causality. The customers represent the main driving force behind the prostitution system and the violence that unfolds from it. They are directly responsible for the pimping and the human trade: The need for money constitutes a decisive coercion, even for those referred to as “volunteers.”

Prostitution is ultimately a sexual act imposed on a person under pressure: The pressure of making money. It is an act of sexual violence, overwhelmingly perpetrated by men. All you have to do is read the comments that clients leave on online forums, where they evaluate the “merchandise,” to observe the vocabulary they share with their fellow perpetrators. What the client really buys is the possibility to bypass consent, to do whatever he pleases in an asymmetrical relationship where the prostitute is completely at the mercy of purchaser. The prostitute needs such money to assure their survival or the survival of their family. Even worse, the money may be collected by a pimp or a trafficking ring.

This gives the client the opportunity to feign ignorance of the result of their actions. Every study done on clients demonstrates their knowledge of the behavior of rapists, and for good reason: prostitution is not only a form of rape, it’s taxed rape.

Millions of women and young girls are trafficked every year for the simple pleasure of these men. It’s about time to punish these men, even if just by implementing a simple fine as discussed in the new law.

The fundamental question in an egalitarian democracy is this: How can women become equal citizens to men, if we pay them a fraction of what men earn? The members of Parliament brought honor to France today by passing this law. The status quo was shameful for a nation that prides itself on freedom, equality and fraternity.

This law stands for nothing less than to say that women are not goods to be sold or rented. In other words, it’s all about human dignity.

Therefore, it is with great enthusiasm that we revel in the passing of this new law, which will add to the legislative framework gender equality in France. And, it is with pride that we, the abolitionist feminists, have taken part in this anthropological rupture, which will lay the foundation for another world.”


This post first appeared on HuffPost France. It has been translated into English and edited for clarity.






Some Ideas For New Biblical Themed Reality Shows

Some Ideas For New Biblical Themed Reality Shows:


Reality Jesus1


  •  Keeping Up With The Christ

  •  Big Father

  •  Jerusalem Shore

  •  The Real Housewives Of Abraham

  •  Strictly Come Chanting

  •  King Ramesses’ Heathen Plight Prayers (Ohhh snap, Gordon Ramsey)

  •  Who Wants To Be The Celestial Heir?

  •  The Repent-ice


reality jesus 5

Dear Men (Disgusted By Female Body Hair)

A Thing Worthy of Pre-mention;

If I do not post this rage with modern male society somewhere… Well, I’ll either explode with road rage on the highway one day- like in that film about the man stuck in traffic (Michael Douglas) who killed everyone because it was the f*cking last straw, or I’ll internally combust in the middle of playing Friday night Jeopardy with Alex Trebeck.

“‘I’ll take “What In The F*ck Are These Ass-wipes Up To Now?’ for 500, Alex.”



In all seriousness- if you don’t like frustrated, obscenely verbose speeches, over-reactionary and shamelessly irate sentiments, despicably brutish phrasings and internet up-on-my-high-horse keyboard slapping – then this is only going to annoy you. And it’s really just a shout from me into the void, which tends to listen well, and knows I’m just letting off steam. I think it should be allowed given what’s unjustly expected of me simply for being female.

So rage…. here comes the scary scary rage. Ohohohh…ho. ho. ho.



  Dear men (whom are disgusted by female body hair),

As men, you statistically have all the money. (You’ve allowed women to own 1% of land globally because you got it and we don’t.) You also have heaps of time. Primarily due to the fact that compared to women (Don’t start with that “oh, yes I do” and “oh, no I don’t” business, I’m talking about men as a gender compared to women as a gender, globally. Not you personally, so cool it.) -you rarely clean, child-rear, cook, look after the mental health of the community, have long hair to manage, or deal with porn culture and rape culture. Plus, you have even more bonus time what with not being pressured to wear crippling high heels, to learn to count every bloody calorie, to drown yourself in smelly tanner or to cut open your body to stuff it with silicone. You also don’t seem to have partners who believe that your sexiness should or could be improved by you going to “stripper-cise” three times a week. You don’t get catcalled or stopped in the street by creeps much, you don’t monitor your body moment to moment, you can orgasm quickly, usually leave the birth control management to women and bonus round- no period or pregnancy. My god, you don’t even need a sit down to empty your bladder, nor really require a near by bathroom to do it in. You’re rolling in time! The most precious resource of all. So here’s a wayyyyy great idea. You have the time, the money, and the hatred of body hair so… YOU SHAVE! Yes, you. YOU bloody shave. And I mean- shave it f*cking all. It’s been made all too clear by you, that body hair repulses you. Soooo why do you have any? Stop body shaming women and start taking a good hard look at your own furry neanderthal selves. You too, have a ton of it. Do break out some cash for that full body waxing (At ‘Beaucage’ in Boston, that’ll cost you $895.00 before tip, per month to get everything from your ears to your anus waxed raw), and if that’s not enough- and trust me, it won’t be enough, here- then I’ll give you a quick body-shaving 101 lesson right now. Hair grows in different cycles and are each in different growth stages at any given time. One hair could be growing like mad, while another is falling out and a new one growing in it’s place… again, all at different times. (Hence, new hairs slowly popping up the same week you waxed.) So, to remain hairless and scruff-free, you must shave your body on a daily basis, man-bro-dudes.


Every day, soak all parts of body with hair in room temp. bath for 30 mins. Gently exfoliate with mild abrasive (fragrance and dye free- no bar soap) body wash for an additional 30 mins. (If you use a loofah, please do replace weekly.) Then dry off well. When skin is no longer moisture soaked, get back in that tub, now it’s shave time. You want all that dead skin out of the way before shaving but you don’t want your skin to be soaking up water as it will swell and you won’t get a close shave. You hate prickly women? Don’t be prickly. In fact stop being a prick, full stop. But I digress. Now you need to shower soak- not tub soak, in lukewarm (not hot!) water for 10 mins. Apply shaving cream (again- no fragrance, oils, dyes, or aerosols) gently both up and downwards, side to side and then in circular motions. Remember to buy the $45+ razor pack, the cheap disposable ones nick after a few swipes. Now you get to spend the next hour and a half shaving your entireeeeeeee body to silky softness. Don’t let your skin get too wet but don’t let it dry off either.


shave2    Phew, that took ages, but we’re not done. Because you hate body hair of any sort and need that super close shave- you’re going to get in-grown hairs. And you’re going to get redness and itching. Off to the kitchen in your bathrobe you go now, find the aspirin tablets. The expensive ones with no coating please. Now pour about 30 of them into a grinding bowl and grind them into a fine power. Good good…. now add a tiny bit of distilled water and a moisturizer free of dyes, fragrances, menthols, natural herbs and mints, parabins or paraphens, waxes and silicones. Yes it’ll take you fifty years of label reading and online shopping to find a single one. But you do want a hair-free life, yes? Now rub your home made aspirin mask all over your body before redness and swelling kick in. It’s bad for your skin and no woman needs a rashy guy. So now your done! Oh wait, did I forget the other 3/4 of the process? Certainly not. In between shaving (every day) you actually have to take days off where you will indeed be prickly and fuzzy because you need to apply Beta Hydroxy (BHA) or Salicylic acid (4%), a topical Retinol, and an anti-bacterial such as Benzoyl Peroxide (5%) and leave them on for 7-12 hours (best to do while sleeping). You must never apply them if you have shaven in the last day or you will burn yourself and be crying on the floor for relief from this fire-ant like hell. (Think, “tracker jackers” from The Hunger Games.) You need to apply these, the BHA is going to exfoliate your skin chemically to make sure you have a nice cell turn over rate and aren’t getting pore build up, flaking, trapped follicles or extra layers of sebum, and dead skin- shaving all the time and not doing this is just asking for in-growns and rashes. Please do not confuse BHA with AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). AHA can not penetrate the natural sebum or oils within the pore, which you will need if you’re going to stop lumps and bumps from shaving. You absolutely must use the Benzoyl everywhere you shave too- including around but not on the genitals. (Although to be honest, I personally don’t really mind if you chemically sear off your own balls at this point, because your attitude up till now has frankly- sucked.) Remember tho, not on shaving days (Afraid we all have to have to have stubbley, hairy days… either that or have giant abscess-y rash weeks, you decide.)You see, the hair that you so detest- is actually important for maintaining optimally healthy skin. It is there to protect you in numerous ways and it helps keeps your skin’s PH balance level as well. It’s like a healthy little bodily Eco-system. A rain forest if you will, minus most of the actual fruit and wildlife.
Take a moment before dressing to give you bikini line (and sack in your case, my man-braws) a little time to re-balance it’s PH without fabric rubbing against it. And mother of god- if you dry with a towel- make sure it was washed with a little bit of bleach and ZERO fabric softeners. No dryer sheets either or you’ll know the meaning of regret. Hey, I don’t make the rules and hairless was your idea.


Dooo doo dah dooo. *Elevator Music* Dooo dah doo dooo

Please Enjoy.


  Intermission Aid Here

Hello, welcome back. While we’re waiting, this is the perfect time to mention something else that women might want you to do for them. Some reflection. Let’s reflect together. I’d like you to take this quick moment here to reflect on what other things you’d like people to get rid of that contribute to their health but aren’t attractive enough for you. Well except reverse it for women’s wants and whims this time. For example, women don’t much like when men pass gas around them. Especially in a give-no-f*cks manner that leaves them feeling like they’ve unwittingly wandered into a horror film gas chamber.
Perhaps we could encourage you to get your colons removed to relieve that turn-off for women. I mean partially anyway- within reason, of course.
Remember, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to accommodate women’s personal bodily preferences in their male partners. And fair is fair, is it not? Ah that should be about half enough time, but let’s move on because I’m a woman with a hell of a lot of shit that I have to do- that you don’t.


So. All this excessive shaving and (obsession with) hairlessness will mean you are to become a filthy playground for bacteria and irritants… and not the good or healthy kind. The kind that is pus-filled, itchy, stingy and sometimes means you need to pop a festering abscess with a sterilized needle. SO use the damn Benzoyl, jackass. Please. Remember that after 7-12 hours, you need to wash it off well and wait another 5-8 hrs before actually starting the previously mentioned shaving process. P.s.- You can not be using scented shampoos. Never bath salts or oils either. Remember that “natural” means f*ck all- poison ivy is natural, you don’t want it on your skin, unless you’re trying to get out of class in the third grade. “Dermatologist Tested” says nothing about whether those test results were good, bad, or horrible. Be careful with deodorants as even fragrance and dye-free ones can block pores and give you something that I did consider linking a picture of- but then chose not to be remembered as resentful to the point of sadism. Conditioner use depends on your skin and it’s sensitivity- but as it’s made to leave a film over your hair to protect it – It will also leave one over your skin and that means trapped dirt, sweat and more dead skin. Spray-on leave-in conditioner could be an option, but you may need to trade soft head hair for bodily hairlessness (a sort of hairlessness that is to be your new religion at this rate.)

Lastly I’m going to tell this to you straight, because I respect you, more than you seem to respect women. If you are one of those guys who hops in the shower with bar soap…. why don’t you just clog your pores with bees wax and a can of WD-40, and forget the whole thing. It’s bad news. And you be very careful were you choose to spray any cologne, a freshly shaved chest won’t just sting, it’ll flare up if bothered enough.
And finally, rather than see you wander into a deeper level of Dante’s inferno if you are at all acne prone, particularly on your body, and want to shave parts or all of your body- you will very seriously need to find an appendices- A, B, and C to add to this because that’s a much rougher ball game than average clear skin shaving. It’s a ball game with words like “suppuration” and “pustules”, equipped with special tools called “extractors”. I’m just saying- look up “Acne Conglobata” if you ever want to have a good time. Or mentally destroy your friends. Your appetite. Or just to vomit the night away.


badspiderman1  Think I’m just having a pissy fit or joking? Ach, dearest ignoramus…or is it ignorami, in the plural? …If you’re shallow, selfish and brain-washed enough to demand these things be done by others for you- lest you vomit from having to experience human bodies being human bodies- you can sure as f*ck do it to yourself too- spend your four hours a day on body hair maintenance and f*ck off with your sexist comments until then. If you think body hair is gross- news flash, you’re more coated in it than most of us women – logic concludes that that would also make you disgusting, repulsive and intolerable as well. You’re also a special snowflake though as “hypocrite” is all yours for the taking.



(Hey, by the way- I did go to school for professional skin care and hair- and it was worth it, just to explain what *ss-hats you are being, hombre dude-bros.

You. You. You. Youuuu maintain yourself first. Look at your own self rather than treating women as expressions of your culturally brain-washed preferences. Or be prepared for some seriously time consuming, physically painful, less than healthy, potentially dangerous and degrading expectations to live up to of your own.


Healthy Expectation Hugs and Careful Razorblade Kisses, XOXOXO,

Your mum (haha, no really),

                                         -Very Chafed Women



(*Oh, here’s what an extractor kit looks like. Used for both ingrown hairs and acne- some sets have 7-15 additional tools:) Extraction Tools


Rant over and out.
**This Is A Response Written Specifically To The Male Attitudes Expressed In This Article Jokingly- But Are All To Alive And Present In Reality: http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/female-body-hair-may-stop-women-meeting-twats-2015061699290







[Written By: HJKL]

Emma Watson And ‘SWERF’ing The Tide Of (Neo) Libfem Hate


(For video:) If uninterested in this commentary- I would ask you to watch this two minute video first, by clicking This Link Here  Otherwise click same video after reading at bottom of the page.


The following article has been trending today on our most loved/loathed social media platform: the always sincere (Ha!) Facebook. It is the backlash of this seemingly reasonable article linked below that I to address.



“Emma Watson calls for feminist alternatives to pornography”

Here it is linked below if you missed the article:




Sigh and surprise surprise (I really do wish it was a surprise.)

Guess whom all the Libfems (today’s neo-liberal* feminists) are rejecting and calling a “SWERF”?

“A what?”    Ah…

“SWERF” is a slur against anyone who challenges or is critical the of the very much male run, exploitative, often violent, sexual servitude promoting, objectifying by definition, misogyny-heavy and culturally dominant sex industry. An industry happily capitalizing and expanding on societies insistence that the greatest value-, if not only value of a woman; is her sexual attractiveness in the eyes of men. The vitriolic slur has gained popularity since various publications such as Playboy started co-opting (stealing) the language of second wave feminists to promote exactly the thing they were fighting against. (But what’s new?)
“SWERF” is an acronym for “Sex Worker Exclusive Radical Feminist” and is mistaken (sometimes intentionally) as it is meant to imply that radical feminists have a hatred of, or bigotry towards women who work in or are exploited by the sex industry. It’s intended implication is also that this manic hatred is somehow out of fear and uses the classic “crazy, emotional and out of control woman” trope commonly wielded against women who challenge male power socially, particularly evoked by those traditionally in opposition to female equality. It also is meant to deem other women as “sex negative” with a general dislike of sex, also utilizing another classic anti-feminist trope; “the dried up prude” trope. A telling accusation given that sex and pornography (and industry) are entirely different things. In my own opinion the industry may very well be the sanitized antithesis of actual sex and sexuality, but that’s my take.

In reality the radical feminist’s critical thinking and analysis has everything to do with an aversion to sexual objectification, sexual servitude, commodification of women’s bodies, glorification and normalization of violence against women, the sanitizing of the natural female form, maintenance of status quo within capitalism and the intense pressure it unavoidably puts on women, and especially young girls when all their male peers are it’s consumers. The slur is also intended to attack by means of branding women as “bad feminists.” Another along the same line of slurs is “Whorephobic”- of which carries more issues than I can list here. (Seriously…)

So who’s a terrible terrible “SWERF” according the neo-liberal- more libertarian than liberals at the moment?

Gloria Steinem (of whom western women owe a thing or two to say the least) and Emma Watson (of the #HeForShe campaign) simply for admitting that the porn industry is violence heavy and objectifies women as bodies for the use of men. Libfem has turned into neo-capitalism’s- along with some truly foul pornographers and fat cat’s best friends. Rooted in a warped and patriarchal notion of the sexual revolution, minus the actual feminist angle of the time- it’s ideology has become wrapped up in the anti-logic that if it has anything to do with that of a sexual nature, no matter how harmful- it is supported if not celebrated as female empowerment, while firmly disregarding the reality of misogyny in patriarchy and the pressures placed upon women to try and conform, psychological issues entangled such as past abuses, the disproportion of power between the sexes, gendered socialization and sometimes basic anatomy are also often ignored in the name of “sex positivity.”

Proud as I am of Gloria and Emma for their acknowledgement of a very real (and very obvious at this point, how many young girls need to spell it out for us?) problem and willingness to start the conversation publicly, yet still the thing I worry about within this article is it’s statements on erotica and what exactly that means. Essentially it is that by definition that you can not visually sexualize a woman’s body for film created as masturbatory material for men (a film screen inevitably being one way system for use of the consumer) and not have it be objectifying. Most men certainly aren’t turning the audio on for character development or plot nor the emotional personal growth arch of any featured woman, especially if fast forward is a click away. In visual screen medium it is virtually if not purely to objectify women for masturbatory use and sometimes to pass around to guy friends for similar use, rating or comparison. The women in film erotica also never say “no” and are always readily available for consumption, requiring no reciprocation, thought or human responsibility in return.

Consent is also assumed by the user based on it’s mere existence, all of which only perpetuates female sexual servitude and leaves everyday women, particularly young girls over shadowed and competing for visibility of their male peers while striving to live up to the image. An image consisting of constantly stimulating visual fantasy is always sexually available to men, of which can not healthily be kept up, if even acquired. “Blurred lines” about ideas of what constitutes enthusiastic and meaningful consent from women abounds in this atmosphere. The male > female power dynamic made that much more severe.
It still blows me away how hateful some neo-libfems have become. To denounce the judgement of others as immoral whilst verbally attacking, ganging up on and  spreading an intentionally cruel and demeaning slur against women who see a systemic problem within an industry and all whom it touches (that’s anyone who inhabits societies where the male half consumes porn.)

None of this is remotely liberal at all, in fact it’s a lot more like fundamentalist libertarian. Which is very different indeed, particularly within neo-capitalism. One need only look to the currently extreme American right nowadays to see the hellish circus that is fundamental libertarian-ism, obsessed with the singular self, anti-social, rampant individualism and self serving ideology run amuck. Not the best fit for a social movement. And feminism IS a social movement, aiming to liberate ALL women, rather than just empower some. And funnily enough the “SWERF” sentiment is intentionally exclusionary to anyone (including sex workers themselves, ironically…) who has a different analysis, opinion or personal experience with the sex industry. It’s miserable perpetuation successfully creating a (paradoxical) breaking up of feminists in the name of solidarity, and a sad one at that.


Dead White Men Quoted Because History Thought Them The Only Ones Worth Jotting Down, TBH

I suppose I should be giving most of the credit however, to the multi-billion dollar industry’s large investment in PR and top-notch lobbyists for the iron-gripped control of the rarely questioned sex industry narrative. That’s another one for patriarchy, but what else could we really expect?

Corporations have been fine and cool with hazardous water and tainted food. At ease with  giving third world impoverished mothers free formula for their babies, causing mothers to stop lactating (from not breast feeding) then begin charging . Completely alright with pushing the financial limits of a country into debt and homelessness. Fighting with the FDA over how much harm a drug can cause before being taken off the market. Making “anxiety sales” by bombarding girls with “body standards” until they feel badly enough about themselves that they buy junk to fix it before developing anorexia. Using child labor and deadly sweat shops for fashion sales. Violating “unethical marketing to children” policy. Blocking the passing of laws in foreign countries with little access to information from being able to put health risk warnings on cigarette packs. Paying for rigged medical study results. Paying for rigged social science results. Successful lobbying to keep national minimum wage below poverty line. Buying politicians and laws. Charging rates for medical care so ridiculously high and cashing in on policy loopholes that effectively leave curable patients to die. Industrialized war profiteering. Effectively killing off wildlife and destroying the planet to the point where it’s too late to prevent the loss of many human lives- all this yes, but corporations totally give a sh*t about women and their empowerment.

I’m even sure they’d be aghast to know that objectification is the necessary foundation for systemic rape culture.

And they totally give a shit about the consumers healthy happy sexuality. After all it’s the sex industry- sex, not objectification of the socially subordinate for the pleasure of the socially dominant industry. That’d be f*cked up.

Comprehending the naivety of giving this industry a free pass with no critical or skeptical mind work would be border-line endearing if not for it being absolutely terrifying and literally destroying women’s health, safety, relationships, bodies, equality and lives- whether they are in or out of the business itself. I sincerely hope that neo-liberal feminism goes back to being true liberal and stops bullying and silencing vital critical analysis of any industry’s part in misogyny.

A pro-social liberalism is in dyer need. A liberalism that actively seeks to challenge male supremacy- sexually, legally, emotionally and financially- and not just for ourselves. Our first and foremost job is not self empowerment but protection of the globe’s most marginalized women who need us to stand up to female objectification and patriarchy  The ones and who will literally suffer all too real consequences if “me and my choice” feminism prevails over a critical and strategic movement together for their liberation too. That is after all the very essence of the socially progressive left.

I hope it is sooner than rather than later, that true liberal feminism is reclaimed- That is, if it’s not too late already.



 * Neo-liberal or Neo-liberalism is not to be confused with Liberal or Traditional Liberalism.  It has been shortened throughout most of this article for space and to avoid tedious over-repetition.

*Neo-Capitalism is not to be confused with Traditional Capitalism /Capitalism. It has again been shortened both for space and to avoid long winded over-repetition





[Before you exit out rolling your eyes thinking exaggerated claims have been made about the seriousness of objectifying women’s bodies watch the following two minute video on advertisement toward women-   then think about it in terms of objectified women- consumed this time by men. Then think about what that world means for the most marginalized and human trafficking. This is important.We can do so much better than this.]

This is important.










[Written By: HJKL, 2016]

Further Info On Sexual Objectification And It's Effects On All Women- Here.

A Quick Argument Against Self-Exceptionalism And Cultural Conditioning


  I’m going to write,  just now, a short rant regarding self-exceptionalism when it comes to social and cultural conditioning (which is more arts, media, and internet influenced than ever before ) and the way in which it affects how we view other people, as well as ourselves. I’ve also chosen the above picture to accompany it because I’m about to get on my high horse. Giddy-up (and that.)

This Rant Entitled:

“You Are Not Superhuman, Alien, Nor The Special Exception To Social, Cultural and Media Conditioning. And If You Were You’d Likely Have A Serious Mental Illness Resembling Psychopathy, An Acute Level Of Autism Previously Unseen And Been Living Thus Far, In Total Isolation From The Rest Of Humanity. So, As You’re Now Here Online With Us Reading This; Social, Cultural and Media Conditioning Affects Exactly: Ev-er-y-one.”

I Repeat, Everyone.  (Specifically you.) 

Video below: Study regarding cultural racism.

   It’s sad and frustrating to watch.

   Media could help this. It could level and revolutionize the way we see and know each other, as well as ourselves, on a grand scale. Instead we have a reverberating public echo chamber of racism, misogyny (and many other distorted social lenses) in every branch of our culture. Most certainly our forms media and arts. To think you’re immune to it, is to commit to sticking your head in the sand and trusting that the radical is just extreme, rather than acknowledging that – it’s looking so extreme may be a testament to just how normalized and extreme our culture’s current prejudices and inequalities really are.

In thinking we personally are different- untouched, unbiased, affect-free and unconditioned, we manage to be exactly the same. All self-assured that we are special non-sheep. All exceptions to our own humanity. You and I are not the first, nor the ten-millionth to say “It doesn’t shape my views.” as if that were even possible. In fact thinking we are immune is a good indication that we are actually of the most prone to being shaped. (Feel free to look up the studies on it.) It takes constant vigilant exertion and effort to swim against a cultural tide, not self-exceptionalism.  

One other thing about culture conditioning and our insistence on it’s not affecting us; Cultural conditioning is like water. And we, like fish, are living in it. Fish don’t know they’re in water. They’re so surrounded by it, that it’s impossible to see. If you ask a fish about water they’d not understand it’s presence in their lives either. At least until they get outside of it. The same goes for privilege. If you live with it, it’s quite impossible to see, unless you’re outside of it.



Our personal refusal to take this seriously is not just an issue to pity. It’s tragic. We could do so much better by just being honest with ourselves about our humanness.  

#SocialConditioning #CulturalConditioning






[Written By HJKL. 2016]

The Sexual Objectification Of Women Today

It Might Be Time For Us All To Take A Critical Look At The Hyper-Sexualizing and Sexual Objectification Of Women Today and It’s Effects On Both Genders.


Newest Campaign Video (as of March, 2016): #IStandUp




Inspired By #WomenNotObjects  Media Literacy, Pass It On.


      Even if you find this controversial, it’s better to be informed than ignorant on this issue. Read about it.  Media Education is critical to Gender Equality. The more technology advances and our lives encounter media and capitalism, the more information and work it takes to swim against the tide and avoid ignorance. Like it or not everyone (literally) is being educated daily and whether that education is truth-based, critical and nuanced in understanding reality from a pro-social perspective- or from our culture’s current inescapable, white-washed, misogynistic, capitalistic media based perspective, is up to how hard you’re willing to critically learn.  You can never know enough on the topic, it is ever layered and expands into many many categories from politics and history to neurosciences, psychology, biology, the arts and the business and tech worlds onward. Therefore we must never stop actively learning to begin to see clearly. And it’s worth it.


Tip Of The Iceberg


 So Here Is Some Suggested Beginner Critical Viewing/Reading:  

IMG_1284 (1)


Gender and Sex From an Equality Driven Perspective: http://www.feministcurrent.com/2015/09/16/sex-is-wrong-making-sense-of-the-lie-sex-trade-advocates-love-to-tell-about-feminists/ and http://www.feministcurrent.com

Current Critical Analysis From A Male Activist Perspectivehttp://jonahmix.com/

On Culture Convincing Women To Participate In Their Limited Seen Value and Sexual Objectification:

Reading- “The Beauty Myth”, Book By: Naomi Wolfe  

Videos as follows are:  “Beauty Sickness” Full TED Talk, “The Illusionists” Trailer, “The Sexy Lie” Full Ted Talk, “America The Beautiful 3” Trailer, “America The Beautiful 1” Trailer, “The Perfect Vagina” Full Documentary (graphic/disturbing), and “Body Image Activist” Youtube vlog.

View “The Illustionists” Documentary Website Here:  http://theillusionists.org/


 Article By: Francisco Micheo-Marcial – The Misunderstanding Of Objectification

On Hyper-Sexualization and Objectification In Media As A Public Health Issue: “Killing Us Softly 4” – Full Length Documentary By Jean Kilbourne http://www.jeankilbourne.com/videos/   (Ted Talk Below Also By Jean Kilbourne)





Introductory On Objectification’s Link To Coercion and Rape Culture  –

” ‘Choice’ was a powerful aspect of the feminist fight for control over reproductive rights and women’s access to medical procedures. For us to be told that ‘choice’ is about our ‘freedom’ to pasties is misleading, distracting, and dangerous. Capitalism isn’t our friend. You can’t sell choice. And, let me add, having a ‘choice’ does not mean that we all have to shut our eyes and lay down. Being a feminist means we question these narratives. We question those things which reinforce the idea that women are meant to be seen and not heard, that women are ‘to-be-looked-at’, that women exist to fulfill male fantasies. And we do this because it’s easier to commit violence against objects than it is to whole human beings.”  


Article:  Continued Full Article Here.

Article:   Scientists-have-determined-what-really-happens-when-men-objectify-women

Article:   Lads Mags, Objectification and Rape Culture

Article:   Where Burkas and Strippers Are The Same Problem

Article:   Women as sex-object-photograph

Article:   A-not-so-super-societal-standard

Article:   The Social Porn Experiment


From A Pro-active Media Literacy Perspective): The Miss Representation Projecthttp://therepresentationproject.org/film/miss-representation/     http://www.missrespresentation.com  Full Film Also Available Free on Youtube.

Critical Thinking On Hyper-Sexualization and Objectification Within The Gaming World:



On The Issue Of Forcing Women To Accept Misogyny and Porn From A Social Health Perspective:  http://www.feministcurrent.com/2011/01/11/science-meet-feminism-feminism-science-talk-amongst-yourselves/ 


On The Issue Of “Choice” Within Gender Equality:  http://www.feministcurrent.com/category/choice-feminism/  (Suggest Read Full Catalog)

Introductory Reading On The Intersection Of Sexual Objectification, Porn And Rape Culture: http://www.feministcurrent.com/2012/02/18/connecting-the-dots-pornography-the-vpd-and-violence-against-women/

female pigs1

“Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture”

By: Ariel Levy

From A Political Analysis Perspective:  Noam Chomsky’s“The Price Of Pleasure”See Short Excerpt Here.

“Pornography, Civil Rights and Speech”, Essays By Katherine A. MacKinnon  (See Excerpt Here)

“Pornography: Men Possessing Women” – By Andrea Dworkins (Author’s complete works highly recommended)

“Getting Off: Pornography and The End Of Masculinity” – By Robert Jensen

“Paid For” – By Rachel Moran


On Industry Cultural Hegemony Of Our Sexuality and Pro-Sex Discussion For Profit:

Pornland, How Pornography Hijacked Our Sexuality”, Book By Gail Dines and http://www.StopPornCulture.org and http://www.ResistPornCulture.org 

And Accompanying Documentary, “Pornland“: (Trailer below or click here)


From The Perspective of a Sex Worker/Prostituted Person:

Article:   http://www.xojane.com/it-happened-to-me/being-an-escort-wasnt-empowering


Article:   Porn Stars Speak About Their Most Popular Scenes

“Like most porn performers, I perpetuated this lie. One of my favorite things to say when asked if I liked doing a particular scene was, “I only do what I like! I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t like it!” (I would say this with a big fake smile and giggle.) What a total lie! I did what I had to do to get “work” in porn. I did what I knew would help me gain “fame” in the industry.”


Article: http://www.businessinsider.in/Exclusive-Rachel-Moran-on-ModernSexuality-Prostitution-and-Indias-Porn-Ban/articleshow/50714121.cms

Documentary:  http://www.hotgirlswantedmovie.com/

The following two links will direct you to full length documentary “Hot Girls Wanted“. NOT Recommended without free Adblock installed. This documentary has a serious trigger warning for sexual abuse and is very graphic.

Full Film:   Link 1. Link 2.
More In Depth From Current And Former Women In The Sex Industry:


(On The Political Shortcomings of Progressive Liberal Left And Porn Industry):

Porn and Industry From A Free Speech Politics Writer’s Perspective: Written By – Chris Hedges [Extremely Graphic] http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/pornography_is_what_the_end_of_the_world_looks_like_20150215  By – Chris Hedges

On The Singular Aspect Regarding Sexual Function [There Are Many Other More Extremely Harmful Issues Not Addressed In The Video, See Studies Linked Directly Above or JonahMix Blog For Larger Perspective] Regarding The Effects Of Pornography In Men:

From A Marxist/Orwell Perspective, Blog:  https://hjklwrites.wordpress.com/2016/01/21/the-biggest-threat-to-ever-achieving-gender-equality-is-colossal-industry-and-the-cultural-hegemony-that-they-have-more-than-succeeded/

On The Make It Fair Project #MakeItFair Film/Television Campaign: A topic, admittedly not centered around or directly dealing with but still linking to objectification of women in culture.  Make It Fair Video

On  The Social Psychology Of Enraged Resistance By The Public: “Why Are You So Angry?” – 6 Part Video Series On The Social Psychology Of Anger, Rage and Denial By Innuendo Studios (part one below, complete video series free on Youtube).





 womeninpornculture#SexualObjectification #WomenNotObjects #YesAllWomen


  The Feminist Porn Joke:

“How do you objectify a person as sexual body parts for your viewing pleasure in a feminist healthy way?”

“I dunno, how?”

“You don’t. Feminism and Equality are the understanding that using a person as an object for your benefit rather than subject for engagement is the very essence of oppression. If right-wing sexual oppression is the respiratory equivalent of holding one’s breath, then pornography in terms of sexual health is on par with chain smoking, second hand victims included. There  is no such thing as ethical, healthy or feminist porn.”

“I don’t get the joke…” 

“It’s a cruel satire.”










[ Written/Gathered By  HJKL,  2016]  *Updated 4/6/16 

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The Feminist Porn Joke

“How do you objectify a person as sexual body parts for your viewing pleasure in a feminist healthy way?”

“I dunno, how?”

“You don’t. Feminism is the understanding that using a person as an object for your benefit rather than subject for engagement is the very essence of oppression. If right-wing sexual oppression is the respiratory equivalent of holding one’s breath, then pornography in terms of sexual health is on par with chain smoking, second hand victims included. There  is no such thing as ethical, healthy or feminist porn.”

“I don’t get the joke…

“It’s a cruel satire.”





Part 2:  Sexual Objectification In Culture and Media Literacy Has Been Moved To – 




[ Written By  HJKL, 2016 ]